Frequently asked questions about conference.

Please feel free to mail to Organising Committee on any subject which may need  immediate attention.

last update: February7, 2012

    Login to the Information System of the Conference

NEW USER - Account creation

  1. Go to NEW ACCOUNT
  2. Fill the registration form
  3. Fill your e-mail address you use the most frequently and  which you remember reliably
  4. Choose and fill your password
  5. Fill CAPTCHA window
  6. Click Submit
  7. Your login data will be sent to your e-mail  address


  1. Go to LOGIN
  2. Enter your e-mail address and your password
  3. If you forget your password, enter your e-mail address and click SEND PASSWORD

If you do not receive your login data immediately, please check your spam folder.

TMM information system sends a number of important mails to participants (login data, password reminder, review request, informations about a paper status, call for a full-text uploading). Such messages can be identified as unwanted by some spam-filters. Please check your spam folder.

Make sure that e-mails from the domain tul.cz are not blocked. Add the address TMM2016@tul.cz to your Safe Sender List.

last update: October20, 2015

    How to insert an abstract of your paper
  1. LOGIN
  2. Go to MY ACCOUNT
  3. Click ADD NEW PAPER
  4. Fill the abstract form
  5. Click INSERT

Please fill the name of presenter, names of authors, chose TALK / POSTER,
write or copy the abstract, fill keywords and chose an appropriate conference section from the menu of sections. If you hesitate about the section, choose "unassigned  presentations".

You can amend your inserted abstract (click on CHANGE).

*) In order to insert the abstract  you need to have an account as "presenter" in the  Information System of Conference.

last update: October20, 2015

    Status of your paper : e-mails sent by Information System

TMM2016 information system sends a number of automatic mails to participants concerning a status of their papers. If your paper has the status

  • WAIT = your abstract is waiting for an evaluation by the leader of section
  • IN PROCESS = upload your paper or its corrected version
  • COMPLETE = your paper was uploaded and waits for reviewers
  • IN REVIEW = paper is in the review process

last update: March21, 2016

    Number of Pages

The paper must have an even number of pages (4 or 6).

The maximum number of pages is 6 and it cannot be exceeded.

Papers exceeding the maximum number of pages cannot be included in the Proceedings.

last update: March21, 2016

    How to read the reviews of my paper?
  • Log in and go to My Account
  • Read the reviews of your paper by clicking on View.
  • Modify your paper in accordance with reviewers' requirements
  • upload your corrected paper

 Are the reviews of my paper sent to me via email?

No! You can read the reviews of your paper in My Account module.

last update: May9, 2016

    Final version of paper

Once the review process is finished positively and your paper is accepted for TMM 2016, submit the final version of your paper to the editor.

Please log to your account and upload one packed file named


Packed file should include:

1. two versions of your full paper - one in pdf and second in doc/docx. Please name your files : YourSurname_FirstWordOfPaperTitle_Fin

2. The figures in your paper
Name your figures YourSurname_FirstWordOfPaperTitle_Fig_Number
example: Newman_Rotor_Fig_1.eps
For vector graphics, the preferred format is EPS; for halftones, please use TIFF format.
MS Office files are also acceptable.

3. Contributors Authorization to Publish. The authors have to sign Springer's form with a warranty that the work has not heretofore been published in whole or in part and does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent,statutory rights or proprietary rights of others.

A paquet with Springer Requirements can be uploaded from our website.

4.List of included files

last update: May9, 2016

    Poster Preparation

Please prepare your poster in the
A1 format (594 mm width × 841 mm height )
or A2 format (420 mm width × 594 mm height)

last update: May9, 2016